Be different gents

BDG, three letters, one name, one philosophy


And an invitation to you, to be just the way you are: different, original, one-in-a-million.
Not a catalogue, not product codes, not just producers, we are creators and dreamers too. 
We are the passion for handmade work
sognatori. the value of the material and it precious naturalness, the respect for 
Made in Italy we are Beauty seekers.
We like to be that slight but crucial detail making the difference. We like to be noticed..

Made in BDG

There are creative concepts coming "true" not in any way or time. Craftsmen work has the extraordinary ability to mark present time, through invention and innovation, always inspired by that old perceptive wisdom. Made in BDG means passion, research, experience: deep knowledge of materials and techniques, skill and upgrading of those artisans seeing to every manufacture phase and any details. Made in BDG means handmade in Italy, entirely: from the first idea to design to the prototype, up to the very last hint completing the creation. Made in BDG means Value. And you choosing our products you know and you wear them with love.